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Ezekiel Elliott races a fan who runs onto the field at the Pro Bowl

Get him, Zeke!

The Pro Bowl was fairly uneventful, and the best play of the night goes to a kid that wasn’t supposed to be part of the game at all.

Fortunately, it appears nobody got too upset or injured during the incident. And actually, it looks like some of the players had some fun with the kid.

Here we have an enormous defender pretending like he was going to bodyslam the dude. Maybe they were watching the Royal Rumble on the AFC sideline. I don’t know.

As the fan ran towards the end zone, Ezekiel Elliott ‘raced’ him. Clearly, he needs to eat more like Zeke.

The fan eventually scored a touchdown, and what do you do when you score a touchdown wearing a Superman shirt? That’s right, you do the Cam Newton ripping your shirt open celebration to let the world know how badass you are.

Finally, we have security catching the fan, and Elliott making sure the kid didn’t get away or that security didn’t take it too hard on the fan. Hard to tell.

Anyways, it’s all fun and games until some Batman-looking security comes outta nowhere and takes down your fake Superman self.

So don’t do this kids because it could’ve ended much, much worse for this dude.