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2 Chicago babies born on New Year's were named after the Cubs

Chicago Cityscapes And Cityviews Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

It’s a new year, which means the local news outlets all over the country have produced their inevitable New Year’s babies stories, from Hartford to Phoenix. It’s all fine and dandy, because babies are fun to look at. A few babies, however, become more notable than others mainly because of what they’re named after. Two Chicago-area newborns with Cubs fans as parents were named in honor of the team and their World Series win, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The first is Wrigley:

Wrigley Rose wasn't supposed to arrive for another few weeks, but she came into this world with two distinctions: a World Series-worthy name and the (unofficial) honor of being the first baby born in a Chicago-area hospital on New Year's Day. After a short labor, Ellen Dalbey delivered Wrigley at 12:12 a.m. at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village. She weighs just under 6 pounds and has a bit of blondish hair, her dad, Aaron Dalbey, said.

The Wrigley’s family also pointed out that they decided on the name before the Cubs won the World Series:

"We knew some people would be questioning if we only named her that because they won the World Series. We like to let people know we chose the name before the Cubs won ," said Aaron Dalbey, who noted both he and his wife come from a long line of die-hard fans.

The other baby is Addyson, who’s named after both the Chicago street that Wrigley Field lives on and, of course, Addison Russell. Her parents also technically decided on the name before the Cubs won the World Series, but finalized their decision when the team got closer to winning:

Addyson won out over other name options when the Cubs season got really exciting in September, Barham said.

It’s not hard to imagine this happening with other sports, seeing as how names like “Shaq” and “Kobe” became more common as the NBA stars with those names grew in popularity. But also, these Cubs-inspired names could really only happen in Chicago, unless there’s a hardcore Cubs family in Seattle that wants to name their kid after Kris Bryant or Anthony Rizzo. I expect more Cubs fans to give their kids names based on the team in 2017, and hopefully one of them will be named after the mascot “Clark.”

Welcome to the world, Wrigley and Addyson. Y’all are going to have good times explaining your names to people.

(h/t NBC Sports)