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Michael Irvin snuck out of the locker room to see Michael Jackson's Super Bowl halftime show

On Tuesday’s edition of The Rich Eisen Show, NFL Network’s Michael Irvin revealed that, when was playing for the Cowboys, he sneaked out of the locker room during Super Bowl XXVII to watch Michael Jackson perform. He clowned on his old coach Jimmy Johnson for doing a spiel about the game plan, while Irvin and other Cowboys players were eager to sneak out for halftime. Who could blame them? It was one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows in history, with Jackson standing like a statue on stage at the beginning for what felt like an eternity.

And if you thought sneaking out at halftime was a reckless thing for Cowboys players to do at a Super Bowl: Dallas was up 28-10 by halftime over the Bills, and ultimately won 52-17. So the risk of losing focus on whatever game plan Johnson had for his team in favor of watching the late Michael Jackson turned out to work out just fine.