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Did Grayson Allen try to trip an opponent again?

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Grayson Allen might have been involved in a near-tripping incident on Saturday when Duke played Boston College.

This one is a gray area, but let’s be honest: Grayson Allen hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt. He trips a lot of people. It’s kind of his thing. It became such an issue that the Duke guard cried over it, was suspended indefinitely for it, and then “indefinitely” became just a single game.

Was this an innocent case of losing his balance? Perhaps — but it’s a little odd that Allen kicks back with his original plant food. Watch that in slow motion and think about whether that’s how you could fall if you lost your balance.

According to Andy Katz, ACC League officials reviewed the play and determined that "there is nothing conclusive that can be determined” and that no further action is necessary.