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Patrick Kane makes Jonathan Toews wear USA jersey to pay off 2017 World Juniors bet

Never bet against Team USA.

The 2017 World Juniors gold medal game between the USA and Canada turned out quite a good deal of bets around the NHL.

Auston Matthews bet with his coach. Tyler Seguin bet with a Dallas radio show host. And, apparently, noted American Patrick Kane bet with noted Canadian Jonathan Toews.

As you know by now, the United States won the gold medal. And the Blackhawks’ duo settled their bet after winning against Nashville on Sunday.

The great thing about this is that Toews looks legitimately upset about wearing the red, white, and blue. Like he wants to hide.

Both players are big parts of their respective national teams; Kane has represented the United States at the Olympics, World Juniors, and World Cup, and Toews has done the same with Canada. But now this picture will last forever. Surely it won’t come up when Toews’ Canadian team loses to the U.S. in the Olympics!