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Bill Belichick sleeping on a ferry is the new Odell Beckham Jr. partying on a boat

More like Bill Beliship smh

Hello, here is a photo of Bill Belichick sleeping on a boat.

Wait, let’s back up ...

... These are members of the New York Giants. They took a shirtless photo on a boat the week before their NFL Wild Card playoff game against the Packers.

Then the Giants lost that playoff football game on Sunday.

Wild Card Round - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

People who are paid to talk about sports and people who do so for free online drew bad conclusions that the boat trip was the reason they lost. If you don’t immediately recognize that this is dumb, please read my colleague Harry.

Anyway, all that BOAT DRAMA makes it humorous to see Bill Belichick — the platonic ideal of NFL preparedness — on a boat the week before the Patriots play an important NFL playoff game. That’s the joke. Here’s the photo again. He’s definitely not wearing shoes.

The thing here is ... he’s got his laptop out. He’s working. Whatever. It’s still funny!

Also a small aside — and this will only be of interest to a certain type of internet consumer — but I’d like to note that New England fans are hilarious for refusing to give ESPN permission to use their viral social media content as retribution for Deflategate coverage.