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Yes, this is a shirt of a Nas album cover with Lonzo Ball’s face on it

The disrespect!

Lonzo Ball and Nas don’t go well together. For one, the Lakers rookie prefers to listen to Migos and Future. This makes perfectly good sense when you consider he was born in 1997. Illmatic is three years older than Lonzo.

In September, Lonzo Ball called Nas ‘outdated,’ but he inadvertently doubled down on his claim thanks to a shirt his manager wore. Ball posted this photo on Instagram featuring Brandon Ingram and his manager Darren Moore.

H8FUL 8️⃣

A post shared by Lonzo Ball (@zo) on

That shirt his manager is wearing looks an awful lot like Nas’ It Was Written.

That’s definitely Lonzo Ball in a parody album cover. Whether this was meant to be a dig at Nas or just an homage to one of hip hop’s best remains to be seen. Given Lonzo’s previous mentions of Nas, this seems to be more on the disrespectful side.

Lonzo himself released music. Just a week ago, he released “ZO2” on Spotify. And while he doesn’t have the extensive library that Nas has, maybe this is Lonzo’s way of starting beef to get his music career that big signal boost? Regardless, Nas probably won’t like this.