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The Ryan Fitzpatrick curse is real, and it got Jameis Winston

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Let this be a lesson for every starting quarterback in the NFL: If your team signs Ryan Fitzpatrick then watch out. Your days are numbered.

Fitzpatrick is basically the NFL’s Final Destination, and on Sunday the Buccaneers quarterback claimed a new victim in Jameis Winston when he injured his shoulder against the Cardinals. The run of misfortune that befalls starting QBs is astronomical when Fitzpatrick is on the team, and The Washington Post took notice.

Like Pantene, Fitzpatrick’s curse might not happen overnight — but it will happen. When Fitzgerald is the backup or benched, the quarterback in front of him will go down, normally in an unforeseen way. His list of victims is impressive:

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wall of Horrors

Year Team Starting QB Injury Games missed
Year Team Starting QB Injury Games missed
2005 Rams Marc Bulger Shoulder 8
2008 Bengals Carson Palmer Elbow 12
2009 Bills Trent Edwards Concussion 8
2013 Titans Jake Locker Foot 9
2014 Texans Ryan Mallett Pectoral 2
2015 Jets Geno Smith Punched in face 15
2016 Jets Geno Smith Knee 9
2016 Jets Bryce Petty Labrum 1
2017 Buccaneers Jameis Winston Shoulder TBA

Fitzpatrick is a Harvard-educated, bearded, specter of misery. His list of exploits is impressive, his tally of victims vast. Fitzpatrick might come to a town near you, and watch out if he does — because misfortune is about to befall your quarterback.