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This Todd Gurley fan cried tears of joy thanks to the best surprise from his parents

This is so cool!

Griff is a die-hard Todd Gurley fan who never thought he’d get to see his favorite player on the field in person, then he got the best surprise ever.

The family told Griff they were going to a food show, judging by the start of this video — which is one heck of a way to trick your kid. Nobody that age wants to go to a food show. Then things get amazing when Griff gets surprised with a ticket and a jersey to see Gurley in action.

“But they’re in L.A.” he says with a smile, thinking it’s all a joke — before it’s revealed the Rams are in Jacksonville and they have tickets to watch them play. Not just tickets, but box seats. Griff can’t keep it together, because this was the best surprise.

The Rams won, Gurley had over 100 yard rushing — there isn’t any possible way this day could have gotten any better, then Gurley gave him a shout out on Twitter.

Griff must be on cloud nine today!