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This 'Jeopardy!' contestant won with only $1

He was playing chess while they were playing checkers.

Naval officer Manny Abell pulled off a rare feat on Jeopardy! Tuesday night by completing a come-from-behind win with only $1 to his name.

Seemingly out-classed by his competitors, Manny entered “Final Jeopardy!” with $1,000, while his opponents each had $12,300 to their name. He had the final laugh. The question was on Asian Geography:

It’s the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Carlos and Fran were both sure of their answers, betting the farm on Azerbaijan and Tibet respectively, but ever-steady Manny was waiting — dropping Iraq for $999 and walking away with a single dollar bill.

It was his third win in a row, bringing his three-day total to $42,799. The best part: We’ve seen this before, under similarly amazing circumstances. The last time a player won with $1 was in 1993, when Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Scott did the exact same thing.

Now we’ve got to ask if Manny was playing the long-con on this whole thing, just waiting for the moment a $1 win would arise. I say that because not only are both $1 wins, both are by service members and Manny copied Darryl’s celebration from all those years ago.

Swag levels off the charts. Manny was playing chess while we were all playing checkers.