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Arizona sports fans give up, turn Cardinals and Coyotes subreddits into animal forums

This is the sad state of Arizona sports fans.

It’s already been a long season for pro sports fans in Arizona, so fans are just giving up. This week both the Arizona Cardinals’ and the Arizona Coyotes’ subreddits have decided to quit talking about sports, because it’s too sad.

r/AZCardinals is now a birdwatching subreddit devoted to real birds

However, fans are quick to note that even though the Cardinals are 3-4 and their season is spiraling out of control, they still hate one bird: Seahawks.

Moderators of r/AZCardinals are allowing birds for an indeterminate amount of time. Right now it’s all bird watching, bird-related jokes, and general ornithology enjoyment. Cardinals fans aren’t alone ...

r/Coyotes has become all about real coyotes

Not to be outdone, Arizona Coyotes fans had their own subreddit makeover after their team fell to 0-8-1 on the year. Now they’re all about coyotes, which are innately more fun than birds. Sorry, come at me.

Most of the photos are just pretending coyotes are players, talking about the coyote overlords taking over, and enjoying the team mascot. No arguments here — enjoy your sports, and cope how you must.

This isn’t the first time a sports subreddit has seen a makeover.

Earlier this year Sacramento Kings fans abandoned all hope and became a board solely about The Lion King, refusing to talk about basketball. It helped them through some tough times.

Coping mechanisms are important. We hope the change of pace for Arizona sports fans will re-ignite their love — or maybe they’ll just find new hobbies. We’ll have to wait and see if the 1-3 Suns follow suit, because you know that’s around the corner.