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Does Kyrie Irving actually think he’s playing on a court from the 1980s?

It wasn’t an older court.

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The Milwaukee Bucks are ready to host a special night at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, better known as “MECCA.” One person isn’t too happy about it — Kyrie Irving.

The one-time special game between the Bucks and Celtics is a nostalgia night and an ode to the team’s home from 1968-88 and features a design from the era. However, it really seems like Kyrie Irving thinks the court he’ll be playing on is actually from 1988:

“I’m all about safety though, so see how it is on my knees, see how it is on everyone’s bodies. I know this is a pretty older court.”

A reporter then tells Kyrie it’s a brand new court, but he still isn’t buying it:

“Yeah ... it took me three steps to realize this isn’t the same NBA court I’m used to playing on.”

Outside of it being in a different building and having a new look, the court is precisely the same as any NBA court Kyrie has been playing on. After the game it will be used by Wisconsin’s G-League team, The Herd.

Giannis Antetokounmpo said the court took some getting used to because of its colors, but he never mentioned the court feeling any different:

“It takes a little bit of time to get used to (the court) because it’s kind of bright. That’s why we practiced today here so we can get used to it, but I love it.”

However, Kyrie still isn’t impressed with having to play on an almost 30-year-old court that was really built this year. The weird thing about this is that normally Kyrie doesn’t have any conspiracy or doubt about things that are clearly observable and proved with facts.