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Wisconsin lineman Michael Deiter’s Piesman Trophy campaign has officially begun

He had a big man touchdown on Saturday.

Wisconsin offensive lineman Michael Deiter got his moment to shine when the Badgers played a throwback screen on Saturday. Once Deiter connected on the pass, he booked it toward the end zone, putting Wisconsin up 24-3 over Illinois. He also looked confident, but later admitted he had some nervousness:

Here’s another angle of the play:

A couple days after his big score, Wisconsin officially kicked off his Piesman Trophy campaign:

“I think your first rule is when you catch it, eyes to the tuck,” Deiter said of making a catch. “Make sure you get it in your outside to the sideline arm, I think that’s a rule, I don’t know for sure. I did, and I caught it and made sure I put it in the left hand, because we were on the left hash.”

“I think he’d say ‘we’ll try to figure out a way to get you the ball more,’ Deiter said of his head coach Paul Chryst. “Hopefully, after putting that on tape, hopefully he’ll think ‘maybe we need to give him the ball a little more.’”

Chryst, when asked about this, simply said he just wants Deiter to keep becoming a better tackle.

Deiter looked like the happiest man alive after that touchdown.

It’s important to note that the play was very similar to the one that earned Brian O’Neil the Piesman Trophy in 2016. We’ll have to wait and see if Deiter has what it takes to take home this award this season.