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Russell Westbrook is actually ‘Wessell Russbrook,’ according to this play-by-play announcer


Just watch this and then we’ll chat because I’m laughing too hard.

This is Neil Funk, who’s a play-by-play announcer for WGN in Chicago creating a whole new name for the reigning NBA MVP. Calling Russ “Wessell Russbrook” is just so amazing on so many levels, and not only that but the conviction with which he says it.

Funk is praising the Thunder guard for giving OKC the lead, and he just owned it when he called him the completely wrong name. Twitter tells me this isn’t the first time the Bulls’ announcer has had issue with player names. He struggles with local guys as well.

Calling Quincy Pondexter “Poindexter” is bad, but it’s no Wessell Russbrook.

h/t r/NBA