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Soccer player needs 10 stitches after his penis explodes from a teammate's kick

No. No. No! No! NO! NO! NO!

A soccer player in Spain discovered a horrifying scene when he looked at his crotch after getting inadvertently kicked by a teammate. His penis had turned into a murder scene.

Mariano Bittolo plays for Spanish second-division team Albacete, and caught a cleat to the penis in the 81st minute of his team’s match against Huesca. In the video you can hear him scream as he collapses to the pitch, and you can make out the laughter from the stands — but nobody knew exactly how bad it was.

Bittolo walked to the sidelines to look in his shorts when he gazed upon the horror. His penis had been obliterated in the collision, and required 10 stitches to put it back together. It’s the kind of injury that would cause most of us to quit playing sports all together and pivot to something safer, like fighting wild animals — but Bittolo isn’t going to let an exploded penis stop him. The left-back is already planning to play next week as scheduled.