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United Airlines tweeted Yankees-Indians scores to a fan with bad in-flight Wi-Fi

A new height in customer service.

Pretty much everyone complains about airline customer service, and for the most part, they’re right — it sucks. But every once in a while, an airline goes above and beyond just to prove it can.

Like last night, when United Airlines kept a Cleveland Indians fan in the loop about the Yankees-Indians playoff game when his in-flight Wi-Fi wasn’t working:


Not only did United give him the score once, it kept updating him like his own personal box score. I need one of those, frankly.

Sure, Hayride Blake (who inexplicably has the Twitter handle @chipotle) probably ate terrible airline food and was extremely cramped for most of his flight. But at least he was able to see his Indians ACTUALLY RALLY against the Yanks while traveling.

And really — what more can you ask for on an airplane?