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Kevin Durant said he and Draymond Green ‘motherf**ked each other,’ which needs better phrasing

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Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

There are some words you can selectively turn into verbs and they’re fun, like “brunching.” Everyone loves brunch. Kevin Durant tried to do it with “motherfuck” and hmm ....

We all know what Durant was trying to say. They called each other motherfuckers. That part is clear, but when you say “we motherfucked each other,” it’s just not right. I mean, Durant is free to use whatever word he chooses, chase your bliss — but when two men say they “motherfucked each other” it sounds like a horrible game out of a teen movie.

To recap: We know what KD meant. We know he didn’t mean it THAT way. It’s still not OK.