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Lions receiver Marvin Jones Jr. went on ‘American Idol’ and blew Katy Perry away

He can really sing!

Lions receiver Marvin Jones Jr. is on pace for a career-best season, and now he’s impressing judges on American Idol.

@katyperry was blown away by Lions receiver @marvinjonesjr at his American Idol tryout.

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Jones auditioned in Nashville over the summer and now the world is getting to see how it went. This wasn’t part of the normal American Idol auditions, as Jones was unable to move on to Hollywood to compete due to his commitments to the Lions — but he proved he has the singing chops to have a career after football.

Katy Perry, in particular, was blown away by his voice, asking why he didn’t try to have a career in music rather than football. It didn’t take Luke Bryan long to answer from the judge’s desk, saying that not every musician can run a 4.3 40-yard dash.