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This Packers lineman appears to have peed himself

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If you need to pee in an NFL game, you have two options: Wait until you’re off the field, or pee yourself. Guess which option defensive tackle Mike Daniels chose?

Now, to be fair, we can’t know for certain that this is pee. But on the other hand, it sure looks a lot like pee. This is the kind of dedication we expect from Packers players. It’s the fourth quarter of a game the team was struggling in. They desperately needed to make a statement, so you don’t simply leave the field to relieve yourself.

Daniels said after the game that it wasn’t pee.

“I sweat a lot down there. Everybody was like, ‘Did you pee your pants?’ No, I did not pee my pants,” Daniels said via ESPN’s Jason Wilde.

Hopefully it was sweat, because peeing yourself at Lambeau in November seems like a bad idea. It’s below freezing today.