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Chrissy Teigen sat courtside at the Lakers game and played ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

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This is just good multi-tasking.

The Lakers played really well Sunday night, beating the Nuggets at the Staples Center. Chrissy Teigen played Super Mario Odyssey really well Sunday night, also in the Staples Center.

Super Mario Odyssey is objectively wonderful, and if I had the option to play it court side at the Lakers game I probably would too. Especially since Teigen is in the Seaside Kingdom, which is one of the game’s best.

Naturally because this is the internet, dozens of people are mad. They’re acting like Teigen should have given up her seat to a “real fan,” or something — because on Twitter people like to pretend their opinions are important. Naturally she had an answer:

The only time you shouldn’t play Super Mario Odyssey when you have a front row seat is a funeral. And even then I’d probably give it my blessing if the deceased like Super Mario Odyssey. What I’m saying is: This is an open invitation to play at my funeral.