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The internet is losing it over this USC player who vanished in plain sight

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[Cue X-Files music]

A simple video from USC head coach Clay Helton has started a spooky mystery. Where does No. 80 go?

One second he’s there, the next poof — he’s gone. Slow this down and go frame-by-frame, and you still might have a hard time seeing where he went. We’re not alone in this. This internet is freaking out too:

The prevailing theory is that he stepped behind No. 50 and is in the background, but this is the closest we have to photographic evidence:

Photographic analysis courtesy of Tom Ziller

This is all we have. It might as well be a blurry photo of the Loch Ness Monster. It proves nothing, unless you absolutely believe that’s No. 80’s arm behind the linebacker. The arm comes from somewhere, and logically it has to be No. 80’s — but still, we just don’t know.

It’s all too spooky and scary to think about.