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The Eagles didn't just beat the Bears, they did the 'Electric Slide' on them

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You can do whatever you want when you win this big.

The Eagles had zero chill while beating the tar out of the Bears on Sunday. Not only did they win 31-3, they did the “Electric Slide” all over Chicago in the process.

It started at the two-minute warning when the Eagles busted it out while having a good time on the field. But this wasn’t all ...

It was only a few seconds later that the Bears threw an interception and the Eagles decided to dance again, breaking out the “Electric Slide” for a second time, because why not.

After the game, Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins said they had planned the celebration earlier in the week.

"The song came on, I was doing it, and I told Malcolm, 'We should hit this Sunday if we make a play,'" McLeod told ESPN’s Tim McManus.

McLeod said they “wasted” the first try on Rasul Douglas’ interception that was overturned. They got their redemption a few plays later when Corey Graham picked off Mitchell Trubisky.

The Eagles’ offense has put together some of the best celebrations this year, and this time, the defense got their moment to shine. It was fun for a lot of people watching — but not Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long.

“We’re trying to win football games. We didn’t do that today. I’m glad they’re well-choreographed in their dance routines. We’ve got to find a way to win football games,” he said.

When you’re 10-1 like the Eagles, you can do whatever the heck you want.