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Washington won’t wear its Color Rush uniforms on 'Thursday Night Football'

It’s supposed to wear bright yellow uniforms, but they went with burgundy instead.

Thursday Night Football typically means we get to watch two teams play with color rush uniforms. The results vary from team to team. The Ramsall-yellow outfits were received positively, while the Titans’ baby blue digs were compared to Smurfs (even though there were still fans of the uniforms).

Up next on the Thursday Night Football slate is Washington and the Dallas Cowboys, but we won’t see Washington wear its all-yellow uniforms.

At first, Jay Gruden wasn’t sure whether or not the team would wear them:

On Thursday afternoon, the team confirmed that they wouldn’t be. Instead, they’d be wearing all burgundy:

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington president Bruce Allen isn’t a fan of the all-yellow look reserved for Thursday Night Football. Earlier this year, Allen called the color rush uniforms “garish.”