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Eagles rookie Corey Clement got his high school guidance counselor's BMW for winning NFL career bet

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

It’s not uncommon to see NFL rookies buy cars for family and loved ones once they enter the league. It’s also not a rarity to hear of them doing something nice for a teacher or guidance counselor who motivated them — but it’s not every day we hear of a teacher giving a car to an NFL player.

Eagles rookie Corey Clement is the proud owner of a used BMW, courtesy of his ninth grade guidance counselor. She made a promise to him that if he ever got drafted into the NFL she’d give him her BMW, a car he’d often admired. While Clement wasn’t actually drafted (he signed as an undrafted free agent), it was still close enough to get him the car.

Clement’s rookie deal isn’t much in the grand scheme of the NFL, but he’s been playing exceptionally well this season, rushing for 259 yards and scoring six touchdowns in a rotational role. That big contract could be on the horizon, and maybe then he’ll give his guidance counselor back her car.