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Shaq bet he wouldn't make a face on the 'One Chip Challenge.' Let's see how that went.

“I’m not making a face ... I’m just coughing!”

You might be wondering what all the hubbub surrounding the “One Chip Challenge” is about. In short, it’s a marketing campaign/challenge from Paqui Chips, who sell a single chip made with the Carolina Reaper pepper, which is the hottest pepper in the world, according to Guinness World Records. The challenge: Eat a Reaper chip (there’s only one in the package) and see if you can survive while also recording yourself doing so. Travis Kelce and Greg Olsen did it and survived (for the most part).

Now we get to Shaq, who made a bet with Charles Barkley during NBA on TNT. “Chuck, I’ll bet you $20 I bite a chip, won’t even make a face,” Shaq said nonchalantly to Barkley. Shaq was cool for a good few seconds, not making a face as he promised — and then he coughed. Shaq got defensive while everyone laughed and told him he made a face, and I side with the crowd here. This counts:


Pay Chuck his $20, Shaq.