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6 things we know about The Rock’s festive alter-ego, ‘Dwanta Claus’

Dwanta Claus is coming to town ...

Dwayne Johnson has had a lot of pseudonyms over the years: The Rock, The People’s Champion, The Brahma Bull — but now it’s time to meet “Dwanta Claus.”

Congratulations, you’re getting Dwayne Johnson for Christmas — according to Entertainment Weekly. Hope we didn’t spoil the surprise. More aptly you’re getting Dwanta Claus, who is a little different. Here’s what you need to know about him:

  1. He wants tequila left for him instead of milk.
  2. He’ll visit your house if you’re naughty OR nice.
  3. He has the ability to turn candy canes into guitars.
  4. He’s always shirtless, no matter how cold it is.
  5. He’ll eat Santa Claus for breakfast.
  6. Dwanta Claus WILL break your Guinness World Records.

Dwanta Claus is comiiiiiing to town... With four Guinness World Records under my belt, I thought it was about time to...

Posted by Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Unfortunately this was set just one day earlier by a high school ... but Dwanta Claus doesn’t care what your record is.