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Brian Scalabrine makes a savage joke after Paul George misses a clutch three

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In the final seconds before the Celtics took a 101-94 win over the Thunder, Paul George made a last-ditch effort to shrink the deficit with a three-pointer — and making clutch threes is something he is very familiar with. Unfortunately, his shot was way off, and Brian Scalabrine, who’s commentating with NBC Sports Boston, took the opportunity to get a joke in about George.

“George only makes those in the Gatorade commercials.”

Well, damn. OK. I know they stopped running that commercial, because he’s in a Pacers jersey, but damn.

I like how Scalabrine’s broadcasting partner Mike Gorman doesn’t acknowledge his joke, and just keeps going with play-by-play. Gorman is a true professional, because if I was in his seat, I would’ve done a spit take.

(h/t r/bostonceltics)