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The Rock enjoyed Golden Tate's 'People's Elbow' celebration, but maybe not his trash talk about Miami

This is too good.

Lions receiver Golden Tate paid tribute to The Rock when he celebrated with “The People’s Elbow” when the Lions played the Saints in Week 6.

And on Monday night The Rock took notice, thanks to a remixed video from ESPN.

Normally most people would be thrilled with getting a shout out from The Rock, but this isn’t a normal week, and Tate isn’t most people. The Lions’ receiver is angling to do a little trash talking. Golden Tate went to Notre Dame, The Rock went to Miami. Their teams are meeting this week in the biggest college football game on the schedule, which led to this.

Both former players are fiercely loyal to their alma maters, so this one could get interesting. Tate went all-in on the smack talk in response to a nice message from The Rock, so you KNOW the Great One isn’t going to sit idly by and see his beloved Canes get trash talked.

Watch this space, because it’s a matter of time before this escalates and it’s going to be so fun.