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Draymond Green couldn't resist teasing LeBron James for his 'mood' Instagram

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LeBron James was all over the news on Monday night when he posted a photo on Instagram of the ‘Arthur’s fist’ meme with one word: “mood.” Now Draymond Green has a mood of his own, and it’s a little happier.


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LeBron’s original post went live minutes after Kyrie Irving dropped 35 on the Hawks and led the Celtics to their eighth straight win, while the Cavaliers are struggling — losing games to the Knicks, Pacers and Hawks. People took LeBron’s “mood” post as indicative of deeper problems in Cleveland, and perhaps a team falling apart.


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But LeBron was ready on Tuesday morning to put it behind him and face the day.

Back and forths between the Cavs and Warriors are common — it’s just unusual for them to pop up this early in the season. One thing’s certain: The mood on the Warriors is a lot better than the Cavs right now.

And right after this LeBron started following Draymond on Instagram ...