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Dancing Dad, 'LONZO SUCKS!' Kid and Popcorn Head: Stars of the Celtics glorious fan cam

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This fan cam visit became a work of art.

Alfred Hitchcock famously shot Rope in a series of long, 10-minute cuts designed to make the film feel as real as possible. That was art, and so is this work by the Celtics when they cut to their fan cam on Wednesday night:

In the span of nine seconds, we get to meet three distinct characters and learn everything about them in a few short moments.

Dancing Dad

Dancing Dad’s life motto is “I’m not here for a long time. I’m here for a good time.” He’s often stopped on the street by strangers who mistake him for Conan O’Brien. Dancing dad will jam out when the occasion calls and bust a move you thought was impossible from a man wearing such sensible spectacles.


It’s difficult to get children to commit to anything, but this brave kid had a dream that the camera would land on him so he could show the world his handiwork. He really took care to navigate his belly button to ensure his “U” was as pristine as possible, and while he was only on camera for a split second, we want to immortalize his dedication.

Popcorn Head

The underrated superstar of the clip, Popcorn Head’s place in this video is truly set up by the earlier work from Dancing Dad and “LONZO SUCKS!” Kid. You know the camera operator wanted to find center again and get some average, everyday fans being happy on camera after a kid lifted his shirt moments earlier. But instead he landed on this dude who was willing to dump a bucket of popcorn on his head just to sell the joke.

Shout-out to these two onlookers too, who stepped out of an L.L. Bean catalog and were just trying to process it all:

Look, I know there’s an extremely good chance the Celtics set this all up — because the moment is surreal — but even if they did we can appreciate the artistry in all this.