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Drew Brees built an incredible inclusive playground for all kids

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Drew Brees is in the middle of one of the closest NFC playoff races in recent memory, but the stress of the job didn’t stop him from taking the time to do something incredible.

A bunch of pictures from the Walnut Street Playground dedication today at Audubon Park

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On Tuesday the Drew Brees Foundation opened the Walnut Street Playground in Audubon Park, which is New Orleans’ first playground that caters to children of all abilities. The play equipment is accessible by wheelchair, there’s a zip line that doesn’t require any upper body strength — everything was mapped out with different abilities in mind.

Brees’ son Callen got in on the act, pushing a new friend on the zipline (with a little help from dad).

There’s now a place where everyone can play, regardless of what a child’s mobility or sensory challenge might be. This is one of the best things we’ve seen all year.

This is so inspirational. Thank you, Drew!