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Never forget ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the Super Bowl winner three times in a row

The show predicted Disney buying FOX, but remember this?

The announcement Thursday that Disney had finalized a deal to purchase 21st Century Fox marked the second time in as many years that The Simpsons perfectly predicted something that would later come true in real life:

It’s a similar case to how the show made waves this time last year when it predicted that the U.S. would elect President Trump well before it happened. While there are plenty of places you can read about the show’s predictions over the years, from smart watches to autocorrect, there was a three-year run from 1992-94 when The Simpsons predicted the winner of each Super Bowl, and it’s a story you might have missed.

It all starts with “Lisa the Greek”...

First airing on Jan 23, 1992, “Lisa the Greek” centered on Homer bonding with Lisa in a meaningful father-daughter way through sports gambling. Later the show revealed that Homer was using Lisa for tips during football season, telling her that “daddy-daughter day” was over until next season, when Lisa asked that the two go hiking.

The episode comes to a head with a dejected Lisa telling Homer that if Washington wins the Super Bowl against Buffalo she still loves him; if not then she doesn’t.

Washington wins. Homer and Lisa go hiking the next weekend, and everything is right in the family.

Fast-forward three days:

It’s Jan. 26, Super Bowl XXVI — Jim Kelly throws four interceptions which stalls out the Bills, and Washington goes on to win, 37-24. The Simpsons correctly predict the Super Bowl.

Now it’s 1993

Almost a year after “Lisa the Greek” first airs, FOX decides to put the episode on again ahead of the Super Bowl. But to make it feel more current, the show’s actors re-dub the climax of the episode, this time with Dallas subbed in place of Washington.

The result is history:

Welcome to 1994!

FOX decides to re-air the episode once again and once again have the episode re-dubbed to update it for Super Bowl XXVIII. This time the teams are kept the same, just like the year before — and have actors re-work the game announcing to reflect it.

Despite both quarterbacks having a terrible game, the Cowboys are able to lean on Emmitt Smith, who rushes for over 100 yards and scores two touchdowns in Dallas’ 30-13 win.

Three years, three correct predictions — the Bills lost every time.

This was the last time FOX asked The Simpsons to re-work “Lisa the Greek.” The moral of this story is that if The Simpsons say something is going to happen, you can bet on it.