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Diddy is campaigning to buy the Carolina Panthers and he has support from Stephen Curry

We’re one step closer to Diddy, NFL team owner.

Earlier this year, Diddy went on Twitter and asked the universe for help: he wanted to buy the entire NFL. While that is incredibly difficult to pull off, he may have an opportunity to join in as one of the 32 team owners now that Jerry Richardson is selling the Carolina Panthers.

It didn’t take long for Diddy to get word that an NFL team is for sale. He immediately went back on Twitter and voiced his interest:

Retweets can’t get you an NFL team ( it can make you the Bloomin’ Onion at the Outback Bowl, however) but Diddy is making it clear that he is serious about NFL ownership. He followed up with a few more tweets about the lack of Black majority owners in the league.

Diddy didn’t limit himself to Twitter. He went on Instagram too and recorded a video detailing his plan as owner of the Panthers.

He addressed Colin Kaepernick’s blackballing by the NFL and said he would immediately sign the former 49ers quarterback. He said that this would be to create competition between Kaepernick and Cam Newton, so he isn’t implying that the team would cut ties with the current Panthers’ QB.

He focused on the halftime shows, and promised they would be the best. You can easily envision a scenario where Panthers owner Diddy would show up at halftime to perform, which would be amazing for fans. And like every good owner, he also wants multiple Super Bowl victories.

Diddy might be able to purchase the team by himself, depending on the current value of the Carolina Panthers but that might leave him comparatively strapped for cash after. Luckily, others are more than willing to join Diddy as part owners, including Stephen Curry, Colin Kaepernick, and Brooklyn Decker:

Diddy has the money and he has the support. Let’s see if this happens!