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A detailed breakdown of Alex Rodriguez's 1990s office

A-Rod is living like it’s 1992.

Alex Rodriguez is doing all sorts of high-powered business in his office, which looks very different to any other office in the year 2017.

There’s a lot to like here outside of the corded phone. The lonely potted plant, desperate for sun. His giant espresso, which honestly looks really good. Nice crema on that cup, but you’d think he’d put a coaster under that. Going to get a ring on the desk for sure. Also that giant bag of organic cashews.

I know there are a lot of ways to prove your wealth, but a giant bag of cashews is what speaks to me the most. It’s the money nut, and a bag that size is easily $20-30. It’s an aspirational snack bag, and I’ll get there one day. The Luna Bar is just a smart all-purpose treat.

Also it appears Rodriguez is looking over a contract from Steve Harvey.

I like to imagine Rodriguez standing there with his corded phone like it’s a series of New Yorker cartoons.