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Baron Davis and Laura Dern are dating, which is the most beautiful surprise to end 2017

They’re just so dang cute.

It’s easy to be jaded and hate celebrity couples, but now I found out Baron Davis and Laura Dern appear to be a couple I’m so excited I can’t even stand it. This celebrity couple is actually good and things might be looking up for 2018, all because of this union.

The pair revealed they’re dating following a public lunch. Then a willing PDA in front of cameras happened, and the world became a slightly better place. Now, I understand this is a curious celebrity couple and I’m here to help. I suspect roughly 80 percent of people who know who Dern is don’t know who Davis is, and vice versa. Let’s break it down for people on the edges of the Venn diagram.

Laura Dern

A prolific film and TV actress, Dern has been nominated for dozens of awards — including winning a Emmy in 2017 for “best supporting actress” for her role in Big Little Lies. She’s perhaps best-known for playing Ellie in Jurassic Park in 1993.

Laura Dern, as Dr. Ellie Stadler in “Jurassic Park”

Dern was married to musician Ben Harper until 2013, when the pair divorced. They have two children together.

Baron Davis

One of the most-exciting point guards in the NBA during his time, Davis was a two-time NBA All-Star, and made the All-NBA Third Team in 2004, when he averaged 22.9 points and 7.5 assists for the New Orleans Hornets.

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors, Game 6 Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Beginning his NBA career in Charlotte, Davis played three seasons before the team moved to New Orleans, where he flourished. Eventually, injury and a run-in with the Hornets’ front office prompted a trade to Golden State, where he would have four seasons of success in a backcourt with Jason Richardson. In 2007 he was a member of the team that knocked out the No.1 seed Mavericks in the Cinderella series that is still remembered to this day.

Why do we like Dern and Davis as a couple so much?

Look at them! They’re adorable! Both are super likable, and they seem so happy together. Also Baron is wearing a sweatshirt that says “have a nice day” and he’s wearing sweats. They’re clearly comfortable around each other and it’s the best.

Long live Lauron, the best celebrity couple around.

Baron Davis and the longest bucket in NBA history