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Mike Leach was so damn focused on cooling down his coffee during the Holiday Bowl press conference

I can’t stop watching Mike Leach try to cool down his cup of coffee.

No seriously, it’s mesmerizing. The Washington State coach is in the middle of the Holiday Bowl press conference, but he’s not paying that much attention to the questions being asked. He’s just vigorously huffing and puffing at his coffee and his face is just inches away from the dang cup.

Questions about the senior class? Not when this beverage is too hot to drink.

Anyone who has had a steam facial can tell you that hot liquids that close to your face is going to result in some sweat. So while Leach might be getting the room-temperature coffee or tea he desires, he might be so close to the cup that he’s sweating a little as a result. Hopefully his sweat isn’t dripping down to the cup. Otherwise — actually, I’m just going to stop there.

Still, you have to admire the dedication to cool your drink down in the middle of a press conference in front of members of the media. Never let anything get between you and your cup of coffee. It’s a day-altering ritual that shouldn’t be interrupted (Leach should have probably done this before the press conference, but that’s neither here nor there).

You know what pairs well with a hot beverage? A banana.