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LaVar Ball really tweeted a gif of him dunking on and staring down Donald Trump

If you can’t dunk on Donald Trump, you’re not a big baller!

LaVar Ball keeps poking the bear, and this time he did it with a fun gif. On Thursday, he tweeted out an animation of him dunking on President Donald Trump. LaVar stares Trump down and then the president huffs and puffs and takes his phone out, assumedly to go on Twitter to sound off.

The attention to detail makes it even better. Right below the LaVar tweet is one from FOX News. And on top of it is a link that mentions Mike Flynn and the Russia probe :

This all began when Trump demanded credit for releasing LiAngelo Ball from jail in China after he and UCLA teammates shoplifted. LiAngelo thanked him, but LaVar downplayed the president’s role in the matter with a resounding,” Who?” Trump then went on a Twitter rant and said he should have left LiAngelo and his teammates in jail.

Ever since, LaVar has been playing coy during media interviews, most notably on CNN:

“If he said he helped, that’s good for his mind. If you helped, you shouldn’t have to say anything. If I helped somebody, I don’t walk around saying, ‘you know I helped you now.’ Come on now, gimme some love. I helped you.’ Somebody told me about [the president’s tweet] a couple days ago. I don’t even tweet, I’m just saying why is that on your mind? All of this stuff going on and that’s on your mind, that a father didn’t say thank you? And you’re the head of the U.S.? Come on. You not even talking about what I’m doing.

“There’s a lot of other things that’s going on. Let him do his political affairs, and let me handle my son and let’s just stay in our lane.”

LaVar has even admitted to sending him a pair of Z02s to calm him down.

The shoplifting case happened in November and it looked as if the Ball-Trump beef would just go away. But this gif might just be the start between the entrepreneurial father of an NBA player and the president.

There are an innumerable amount of issues facing America today, but if history is any indication, the president of the United States will surely set those things aside to make time for a response on Twitter.

And if he does that, well, that actually makes LaVar’s gif come true and proves him right in the process.