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Rick Ross puked in secret while partying with Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski partied heavily at the Super Bowl parade, which is not a surprise because this is Gronk we’re talking about. (At this point, it’d be more surprising if he wasn’t partying.)

The world was gifted some great photos during the parade, which was full of Gronk spiking beers and going shirtless. Gronk’s partying didn’t stop at the parade, however. He later ended up at Foxwoods Resort Casino with Rick Ross.

What the folks at that party didn’t know at the time was that Rick Ross was puking behind the DJ booth in secret. Here’s what Rozay revealed on The Brilliant Idiots podcast, at the start of this video:

Ross: "So what it was ... I walked up, you know, I was finna perform and do a few records. So I walked up where [DJ] Sam Sneak was at, and of course, I began drinking again. I been drinking since the listening event. I went from the Belaire Rose -- I had some nice Belaire Rose -- and I had some pineapples and strawberries in it. That was excellent.

"And then, you know, when I went to the other event, I switched it up, and went to the brown, you know I mean?"

Charlamagne: "Mix of liquors. Do your dirty every time."

R: "I mixed liquors, and so when I went on the stage, an hour or two later, I start performing, jumping around, going back to the Rose. I said 'Whoa. I feel different.' And by us spraying champagne everywhere, [Sneak] got a towel over his laptop, and I was like, 'Yo, lemme hold that towel.' He's like, 'Yo, I gotta keep my laptop. Y'all spraying champagne.' I'm like, 'Yo, fuck that.'"

C: "I'll buy you another laptop."

R: "And so, by we sittin' up to the DJ booth, every time I started to throw up, I squatted. (Ross does puking noises) Come back up. (Ross smiles and nods like nothing happened, then goes back down and pukes again) And the towel -- make sure nothing was in my beard.

“And maybe by the fourth trip down, that's when Gronkowski [says,] 'You need me to do something for you?' I said, 'Nah, I'm good, I'm good.' [He's like,] 'Why you geeked, huh?!'"

Ross eventually felt better after puking a couple of more times, and the party continued. The lessons here are: Mix your liquors at your own risk, and Gronk will out-party you every time, all the time.

(h/t Uproxx)