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Thunder fans are chanting 'Cupcake' at Kevin Durant. Here's why.

Oklahoma City brought cupcakes for Durant’s return!

Thunder fans are embracing the cupcakes!

It started off as a Russell Westbrook Instagram post the day Kevin Durant announced he would leave the Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, but now it’s a battle cry (and an adorable costume).

Back when Westbrook and Durant were teammates, Kendrick Perkins would poke fun at Thunder players who were soft by calling them cupcakes. It became a running joke between Durant and Westbrook.

But now, fans have shown up in cupcake shirts. They’re also holding signs and one of them has a giant cupcake painted on his belly.

It started off with a few die-hards in the first quarter. But when the Golden State Warriors got a considerable lead in the second quarter, all of Chesapeake Energy Arena chanted “Cupcake” at Kevin Durant. It’s deafening, and it’s making us a little hungry too.