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Buddy Hield was ejected for grabbing DeMarcus Cousins' junk on a screen

You read that correctly.

After picking up a technical foul in the second quarter — his 17th of the season — DeMarcus Cousins was the favorite to be ejected during the Sacramento Kings’ matchup against the New Orleans Pelicans Sunday.

But it was first-year guard Buddy Hield who got the boot after a bizarre sequence of events left Cousins confused and sent officials to the replay booth.

Referees assessed Hield a flagrant foul two for grabbing Cousins by the junk while fighting over a screen with just under three minutes remaining in the first half. It is unclear whether it was intentional or inadvertent, but Boogie immediately demanded a technical foul be called on the Pelicans rookie after the mishap.

It was the first time Hield had been assessed a flagrant or technical foul this season. New Orleans coach Alvin Gentry nearly got tossed with his guard after giving officials a mouthful following the call.