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New Orleans' biggest party of the year celebrates the ringless Falcons

The Saints and Falcons have one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. You can imagine what it was like for Saints fans when they witnessed the Falcons blow a 25-point lead at this year’s Super Bowl. In fact, there were reports of fireworks going off right after the game — that’s how much the Saints hate the Falcons.

The NFL season’s over, but petty season for Saints fans is just getting started. A Saints fan named Nader found a Falcons float at the Bacchus parade at Mardi Gras. Last June, it was reported that the parade would be celebrating the Saints’ 50th season, so it makes sense that there would be a float that took a jab at the Falcons. But no one could’ve foreseen how vicious they’d be at the team’s Super Bowl loss.

Like, really vicious. This is what’s on top of the float: A Falcons jersey-clad voodoo doll with pushpins all over it.

Someone heat up some popcorn. This offseason’s going to be a looooong one.