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Russia beating Turkey 42-0 in hockey ranks as one of the most impressive sports blowouts ever

Why isn’t there a mercy rule?!

Russia played Turkey at the European Youth Olympic Festival and the result was one of the most impressive sports beat downs of all time. After 60 minutes of hockey, Russia won 42-0. Video of the game speaks for itself.

There is no way in hell this game was remotely fair. Turkish Hockey Federation president Bulent Akay was quick to explain why his country was defeated so easily and why jokes were unfair.

“These guys are the national team of the future,” Akay added, noting that whereas 87,000 children play ice hockey in Russia just 579 play in Turkey.

So yeah, Russia has 150 times the number of kids playing hockey — this math isn’t tough to work out. Enough about why Turkey lost, let’s appreciate how it happened.

  • After the first period the score was 15-0.
  • After the second it was 27-0
  • Russia added 15 more goals in the third to bring it to 42-0.

Russian goalie Makar Chufarov was awarded player of the game for his team, and after watching as much of the game as I can stomach, I didn’t count a single shot against him and only two times Turkey controlled the puck past center ice.

This has to be up there with some of the most impressive sports blowouts of all time. Here are a few more memorable entrants:

  1. 1916 College football: Georgia Tech beats Cumberland College, 222-0.
  2. 2002 Soccer: AS Adema beats SO l'Emyrne, 149-0
  3. 1940 NFL Championship: Chicago beats Washington, 73-0.
  4. 2008 Women’s ice hockey: Slovakia beats Bulgaria, 82-0.
  5. 2007 MLB: Rangers beat Orioles, 30-3.

Honorable mentions: 2009 Patriots beat Titans 59-0, 2014 Germany beats Brazil 7-1, 1991 Cavaliers beat Heat 148-80.

If you have two hours to waste today and want to watch a team get utterly obliterated then please, by all means, enjoy.