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Eugenie Bouchard made good on her Super Bowl bet and went on a date with a fan

It was surprisingly normal!

The Super Bowl wasn’t just about the Patriots winning their fifth ring, it was also about the possibility of love. Or perhaps, more aptly, the hope you didn’t agree to go on a blind date with a total creeper. Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard agreed to date a total stranger after making a bet that New England wouldn’t come back to win, and on Wednesday night she made good on it.

The man ended up being University of Missouri student John Goehrke, who never thought the star would take him up on his offer. Going to a Brooklyn Nets game was an excellent choice, one that Bouchard picked herself. She had courtside seats to the game, which ensured thousands of people would be there as witnesses if her date was a little ... off.

Thankfully he was totally normal, a that made Bouchard overjoyed and mentioned it many times.

John was a “gentleman,” according to Bouchard after the game and he handled himself pretty well, all things considering. It’s difficult to be thrust into the limelight from obscurity, but despite the endless photos and interview requests, he did quite well.

The Nets may have lost, but at least the pair had a nice evening when it could have been so very, very weird.

Will there be a second date? Time will tell, but at least last night Bouchard told TMZ she would go out with Goehrke again.