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High school basketball player's filthy midgame dance moves earned him a technical foul

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Ever seen moves on the court so brutal, so soul-destroying that the refs have to call a technical for taunting to save a kid from embarrassment? You’re about to.

Shemar Turner is the senior point guard at Kent County High School in Maryland — he’s also better known as Yvng Swag, hip-hop artist and extremely accomplished dancer. On Thursday night, he threw down some of the filthiest moves in a big win on Senior Night and got to blend his dance skills with his basketball ability.

The best part of this is when Turner takes a brief break and passes it off, only to have someone in the crowd shout “DANCE ON HIM!” before obliging. The refs called the whistle right in the middle of his best move, and that’s a dang shame.

Was this taunting? Yes, definitely. Should it have been allowed anyway? Hell yes it should have.