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Resourceful raccoon hitches ride on garbage truck to visit trash paradise

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The noble raccoon. The internet’s favorite trash panda. These scamps are a scourge of garbage cans everywhere, and on Friday morning one extreme raccoon in Washington DC decided to go on an incredible journey.

This is the Ethan Hunt of raccoons, and like Mission Impossible’s protagonist it’s a dang hero to all of us. This is the work a mammal must put in to reach an all-you-can-eat buffet of trashy goodness.

Helena Evich, a writer for Politico, saw this in D.C. and absolutely did the right thing by letting the driver know about the stowaway. After all, the little guy could have been hurt on the trip and nobody wants that. Too many raccoons are lost on our highways and roads. There’s no need to add to the statistics.

On the other hand ... LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY!

Using his little raccoon feet like he’s people. Hanging onto the rung like a champ. This brave animal deserves the reward at the end of a journey. Sure, it was probably scared off the truck shortly after this photo was taken, but I like to imagine the drivers invited it into the cab and finished their trip to the dump — just so the raccoon could tell his people what heaven looks like.