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High school junior Zion Williamson's vicious dunks continue to be poetry in (slow) motion

Zion Williamson, a 16-year-old junior from Spartanburg Day School, has been making the rounds on social media lately, and it’s all because of how athletic he is.

He’s 6’7, 230 pounds, a five-star recruit, and if you’ve seen his past highlights (see: the Vince Carter impression and the broken scoreboard) it’s easy to understand why people have been fawning over him. Not only is he built like he’s ready to play pro, he plays like it as well.

Here’s Williamson throwing down a vicious dunk in slow motion against Northside Christian Academy on Saturday. You will notice a defender attempting to block Williamson’s dunk and failing miserably — he doesn’t even get close to the ball:

Williamson wasn’t done, though. At one point, Northside Christian Academy’s side of the court was wide open for Williamson to do this:

In case you’re wondering how the game ended, Spartanburg defeated Northside 75-37, and while Williamson’s stats for the game aren’t up yet, let’s just assume most of those 75 points were from his sick dunks.