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Martellus Bennett accidentally threw major shade at Magic Johnson

He was trying to be nice!

Sometimes phrasing is everything — ask Martellus Bennett. On Tuesday afternoon, he was feeling a little reminiscent of times in the past when he met major celebrities and icons. His anecdote about Magic Johnson came off totally the wrong way.

What he’s trying to say here is that he squandered those five minutes and he wished he had used them better. Unfortunately, because “I wish I had those 5 minutes back” has become vernacular for “I wasted my time,” it came off pretty badly. He quickly tried to course correct.

Oh no, Martellus, you did it again! Now you made it sound like if you only had that time back you could have used it for something much more useful than speaking to Magic Johnson. Oh dear, this isn’t going very well.

No, you’re not at all, Martellus! We love you. Just ... maybe try to phrase things a little better next time?

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