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We used a new app to turn NBA players into cats and created monsters

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

A new web app called “edges2cats” allows you to take your doodles and transform them into nightmare cats using AI and 2,000 cat photos as a reference. The natural progression for this was to feed tracings of NBA players into the program.

Did you ever read Animorphs as a kid? This is one of those cover photos midway between KD becoming a cat. Catvin Durant has the same basic features, but it’s gone horribly wrong.

Now we’re getting some nightmare fuel! The program took the band on Boogie’s beanie and added two extra eyes to it. This is a horror movie villain for sure.

If you feed a profile picture into the machine you get something like this. It doesn’t even resemble a cat anymore. It’s like Picasso decided to paint a cat, but also Picasso was haunted by demons every night.

Other than the hairline John Wall ALMOST makes a semi-decent cat. The lips went all weird, but there’s some kindness behind those AI-created eyes.

I’d hang this on my wall, for real. Kristaps became an impressionist drawing of Grumpy Cat. This is very good.


At this point nothing will be scarier than James Harden. It’s simply impossible. This is the murderer in True Detective, the monster than haunts your dreams. The devourer of souls, ender of worlds. James Meowden does not eat — it consumes all around it.

We’ve gone down this rabbit hole long enough. It’s time for the ultimate nightmare fuel.

That’s it. I’m done. No. I’m out.

(h/t The Verge)