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Todd Gurley crossed up a guy so hard it made somebody lose their shorts

This is just phenomenal.

One of the ways that Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley is staying in shape this offseason is playing basketball, which he appears to be doing at a high level, at least for pick up.

Before anybody gets unreasonably riled up, Gurley isn’t getting his ankles broken anytime soon. He’s making sure he is the one collecting ankles, as he did at his local 24 Hour Fitness in southern California.

This poor guy never stood a chance.

Caught @tg4hunnid breaking ankles out in Simi !!! Oh and that's @truj2 with his pants down in aw of the ankle breaker

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That had to have been an emotion-filled day for that guy (maybe he got on Todd about his fantasy team). He probably thought it was cool to run rock with an NFL running back, which it is — until he makes you moonwalk into a praying stance where you’re asking a greater power for your ankles back.

But hold on, there’s a part of this video that you probably missed upon the first watch or two. Gurley’s ankle snatching got somebody so excited he lost his shorts:

Whenever you can cross somebody so hard that other guys on the court are losing their shorts, you did something right.

Somebody have Magic Johnson give Todd a call, since he’s running the show with the Los Angeles Lakers now.