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Stop what you're doing and play Draymond Green's karate basketball game

There is an incredible new video game that is equal parts nostalgia and hilarity. Draymond Green's Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball is part NBA Jam and part Double Dragon, and it’s all perfect.

When you start, you get a brief backstory. Draymond Green is holding a charity basketball event at a rec center, but there’s one big problem: The center double-booked and there’s a karate demonstration going on! It’s OK, because Draymond has an idea.

The game has two teams, the Cobra Kings and the King Cobras. There are four players: Draymond Green, Chris Paul, Metta World Peace, and Matthew Dellavedova, but Delly just gets called “others” in the cut scene.

From there it’s pretty simple. You just run around kicking people to steal the ball and shoot hoops. Sometimes you line a kick up just right and hit someone in the junk.

It’s simple, it’s fun, and people throw weapons onto the court so you can live out your dream of hitting Delly with a crowbar. It’s not just the game that makes this so fun, it’s the complete package. Excellent music, perfectly clichéd commentary. This isn’t going to be something you want to play over and over and over again, but it’s a great time waster while trapped in a cubicle.

If you need a little more convincing, here’s the full game I played.